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LEONUS Advisory

Whether you are a Bank offering financial advisory services to your affluent customers, or a Financial advisory company, the demand for providing information fast and digitally is becoming paramount. Advanced enterprise-level digital tool for managing portfolio provides advisors and private bankers with the most valuable asset: time.

24/7 convenience

Offer clients real-time 24/7 access to an overview of their financial lives, with daily (or even hourly) price updates on all assets, including alarms based on asset and portfolio performance.

Custom B2C services

With the Financial advisory platform, you can connect with enterprises as well as single users, making their financial decisions simpler, faster and more intuitive. Your clients are able to manage their money in a friendly and easy way, while advisors have a complete overview of the financial life of their clients.

Customer-centric apps

Enable direct communication with single or more advisors, through 1-on-1 and group chats, or access assistants if needed.

Portfolio management

3VD System for managing money, grouping assets in 3 categories: Investment portfolio - for financial independence, Emergency fund - for unexpected expenses, Wallet - for daily consumption.

Asset management tools

Over 100 000 assets, updated daily or hourly, completely in control of your users.

Connected accounts

Built-in integrations with seamless synchronization, a hands-free approach for customers when it comes to providing up-to-date data to advisors.

Customer-centric web and mobile apps

Built for the everyday customers of all generations. Having a full overview of your financial life is no longer a challenge.

24/7 advisor access via a web application

Digital profiles, accounts, account aggregation, and integrations, in other words: total control available at all times.

Direct advisor/client communication

With 24/7 online communication inside the app between advisors and clients, the most valuable asset is preserved: time.

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