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Digital banking

The younger generation of consumers is technologically savvy and highly adapted to the online world. Embracing digital innovation you can differentiate yourself from other banks. The customers of today want single-click access to loan applications and account information and banks need to tailor their products to individual customers’ needs. In particular, mobile adoption of these kinds of services will be breathtakingly fast, and no one wants to be left behind.

Easier customer onboarding

With our digital onboarding in place, onboarding new clients have never been easier. With document scanning and selfie liveness tests, clients are able to go from app installation to using their accounts within minutes.

Simple yet rich user experience

With a customer-centric approach, we have created frontend applications that are simple and easy to use for all types of customers and generations, while still keeping those power user features available.

Banking anywhere, anytime

Personal and business accounts, savings and loans, cards, currency exchange – everything a bank has to offer is now available to customers whenever and wherever they need it.

Retail banking.

Managing personal accounts in real-time has never been easier. Applying for a new loan, controlling card limits and channels, sending and receiving money. We have got you covered with anything your customers might need.
Listening to customers’ needs is essential in this day of age. With direct communication between back-office and customers, LEONUS Digital banking offers chat support, document sharing, announcements, and customer polls through a simple and intuitive interface both for customers and back-office staff.
With a built-in user and role management module, accompanied by access control, it is easy to give power and ownership to the back-office staff so they can provide the best service possible to customers.

SME banking.

With LEONUS Digital banking, managing a business account is simple, straightforward and can be completely controlled by the customer. With controls at their fingertips, customers are able to give access and set privileges to additional persons for account access, payments, history and pretty much any other aspect of managing business accounts.
Statements, invoices, and orders, sharing documents straight from mobile and internet banking apps are easy and straightforward.
Digital onboarding had never been easier. Customers with existing personal accounts can apply directly for the business account, no additional installations, forms or complications.

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