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Stable and secure core banking.
Innovative and traditional at the same time.

From saving time and money to improving agility and scalability, LEONUS Core offers a newfound flexibility for banks.


LEONUS Core is a complete, integrated, cloud-ready and modular banking information system that consists of a core banking system, an enterprise content management system and an AI-powered business intelligence reporting system. Scalability with a high level of configurability and integrated security enables you to deliver superb customer experience.

Fully integrated, safe and complete online banking

Possibility to integrate with anyone, transactions that can be seen by all participants in the moment of creation, complete control over the users that may approach the system and over the actions they may initiate, with logging of every action in the system.

All important information for customers in one place

One of the biggest advantages of our platform is the customer-centric orientation in a way that all functionalities are built as appropriate views, from different perspectives, on the unique record in the system.

Control your bank through your application

With a high level of configurability, the user can parameterize its own posting schemes, fees, and interest rates, preferential exchange rates, product parameterization and many more.

Client-centric approach

All functionalities are built as appropriate views from different perspectives on the unique record of the clients and all of their products in the system.

AI-based behavior prediction

Increase sales with 360 degrees client overview. Deliver AI-based offer to your targeted market and manage the profitability of customer relationship managers, organization units and product lines.

High level of configurability

Define and change independently its own posting schemes, fees, and interest rates, preferential exchange rates and product parameterization.

Build your own products with a central product catalog

Choose between more than 50 attribute sets, with more than 200 possible values and supported algorithms. Allow unlimited options that can be combined to build your own loan, saving or transactional product.

Integration with a client security system

Use internal security mechanisms or integration with existing client security system. Authentication of users and authorization to the level of action on the screen, verification of transactions and changes on critical entities, levels of confidentiality as well as GDPR compliance, are all standard features of our core system.

Various integration technologies

Add value to every business venture which your partners will recognize.

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