ABC Software Development announced today that it is forming ABC Tech Zagreb, a joint venture with ABIT, one of the top innovation and engineering companies in Croatia specialized in the banking industry solutions. Aimed at enabling a new generation of products and software in the Fintech industry, the joint venture will help the financial industry fully utilize blockchain technology and embrace Digital innovation through collaborative expertise. The joint venture “ABC Tech Zagreb” will provide innovative solutions that will help the banking and fintech industry implement new technologies and meet the new challenging market demands.

The opportunities presented by the growth of technology and its application across fintech market have been an increasing focus for ABC Software Development. We are pleased to partner with ABIT in this joint venture. Together we are introducing innovative product and services and believe the collaboration will allow us to position ourselves as innovation leader and a solution provider at the forefront of technological development in the financial industry, said Edin Poprzenovic, CEO at ABC Software Development.

The joint venture is targeting companies in the financial industry and banks which are looking to challenge traditional business models, improve efficiency and provide an enhanced value proposition for the consumers. The cooperation will focus particularly on the areas of digital banking, artificial intelligence, and real life implementation of blockchain technology.

With its track record identifying new trends and technologies, and a strong understanding of the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, ABC Software Development is well-positioned to bring fresh expertise to ABC Tech Zagreb.

“We are looking forward to being working with ABC Software Development because of their expertise in delivering state-of-the-art solutions for the Fintech Industry. From analyzing opportunities and bringing products to market to sharing best practices in operations, ABCSoftware Development will be a valuable partner in maximizing how we develop our technologies with the banks”, said Ronald Stefic, Executive Director at ABIT.

“This joint venture will be able to accelerate the transformation of the financial industry and bank sector”, said Edin Poprzenovic, adding “the cooperation combines ABC Software Development’s focused and long-term oriented investment strategy and fintech expertise, with ABITS’ know-how in the banking sector, creating a win-win situation for all parties”.

About ABC Software Development

ABC Software Development is a provider of IT consulting services and software development with over 120 + IT professionals located internationally.

We are bringing platform-based solutions to large and midsized companies in Banking, Telecom as well as providing state-of-the-art solutions for start-up industry.

With the background rooted in Fintech, we build on our legacy knowledge and grow it in the areas of Transactional systems (Card transactions, Direct debit, PSD2, SEPA, GIRO) Financial systems and other 3rd party integrations, Blockchain and Smart contracting Payment systems (FIAT and Crypto), ICO startups SW development, Embedded systems, Loyalty Wallet development, E-commerce and Marketplace, Machine learning (AI) Social networks integration and many more. As part of this journey, we are working with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Node and more tech leaders to ensure that our clients will benefit from steady reliability and originality across solutions. We have diverse collective experience in a range of development languages and platforms. Our projects leverage the toolkits and systems that best fit the distinct needs of our clients. We offer a full range of product, mobile and web development services for a wide variety of business domains and connect you to an effective, fully equipped team that is ready to commit from day one.

About ABIT

ABIT Ltd. is a privately owned company based in Varazdin, Croatia which has, from its founding (1993), specialized in developing banking information systems and providing IT support to banks and similar financial institutions. In addition, as a long term IBM Business Partner, ABIT has vast experience in delivery and maintenance of relational database IBM/Informix development tools, Web-oriented CORE banking systems, Business Intelligence systems and Enterprise Content Management systems. Abit is also a SYBASE Inc. business partner considering matters of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.

Media Contact:

Dunja Bezdrov